Thursday, August 22

Natio Flawless Foundation SPF15 Review

This review is gonna be a bit of a downer. I really wanted to love this foundation because I love Natio, but this foundation really disappointed me.

This is what Natio says about it on their website-

Instantly skin smoothing foundation combines full coverage, lightweight texture and lasting hydration with a velvety finish for a perfectly even complexion.

The only real positives I can find about this foundation is the fact that it is medium to full coverage, and that it contains an SPF.

Everything else about it is not great. The foundation itself is really thick, and any more than one light coat of this makes it cake to all-heavens. Even with one light coat, within a few hours it was settling into fine lines and was really oily looking (even though I have dryer skin).

The foundation also only comes in four shades, and the lightest shade 'light to medium' is almost too dark for my NW20 skin, so anyone with lighter skin than that is out of luck. Even so, I had to be really careful to blend it all the way down my neck as otherwise it left that awful mask-foundation look that isn't pretty.

I tried applying this with fingers, a damp sponge, and a buffing brush, and all gave pretty much the same result and ended up the same way after a few hours- oily and cakey looking.

To make matters worse, I broke out quite a bit after my first use, and while subsequent uses didn't break me out, they did clog my pores. This is very strange for me as no makeup product has ever made me break out.

The undertone of this foundation is also really strange. I noticed when I blended it onto my hand above outside in natural light it had a really strong pink undertone, however, when I applied it inside it looked almost orange undertoned when I blended it down onto my neck. Weird, right?

Natio also recently introduced another foundation that has medium coverage that my Mum bought and thinks is OK, so you might have better luck with that one. Unfortunately I really can't recommend this one :-(

Don't let this put you off trying out other Natio skin care and makeup though as they do have some quality products.

PRICE  $22.50 NZD, $17.95 AUD

AVAILABILITY  Farmers Stores in NZ, Priceline Stores in AUS


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Have you tried this foundation and made it work? Have you had any other disappointments with foundations recently? Let me know! :)

Sukin Rose Hip Hydrating Day Cream | Review, Swatch & Pics

Today I'm bringing you a review of a lovely organic day cream from the Australian brand Sukin. I've been really impressed with a few of their face care products recently, this being one of them.

Sukin is quite an affordable organic skin care line that is easily accessible in both Australia and New Zealand.

Here is what Sukin have to say about this cream-

An antioxidant rich blend of rose hip, pomegranate and kakadu plum to deeply moisturise for a radiant complexion.
This intensive moisturiser combines rose hip oil and pomegranate to help combat dry skin and prevent the signs of premature ageing. Kakadu plum, naturally rich in Vitamin C, will leave skin looking radiant and a generous blend of active botanicals will leave skin smooth and hydrated.
Suitable for all skin types.
This cream has a lovely emolient texture and sinks into the skin beautifully. I suffer from quite dehydrated skin, and while this was not a miracle product in terms of getting rid of all my dry patches, it leaves my skin feeling soothed, refreshed, and I do actually notice my face looks brighter and more even. Anybody with more normal/combo skin would do great with this day cream as it doesn't leave an oily residue. 
Some creams can aggravate redness around my cheeks and nose area, but this cream does none of that which I appreciate. Because this cream is a wee bit thicker than drugstore moisturisers, I have been using it as both a day and night cream and it works well as both I think.
The cream comes in a glass jar with a plastic screw-on lid, and contains 120ml of product, which should last a very long time. I've been using the cream for nearly a month and have barely dented it!

Loving those ingredients! Overall, I think this is a very nice day cream for pretty much every skin type. Those like me who have very dehydrated skin might need a little bit extra like a great skin oil underneath, but everyone else should be set with just this. I do wish this had an SPF incorporated in it though being a day cream, but you can't have everything. :-p

PRICE   $23.95 AUD, around $25 NZD

AVAILABLILITY  Farmers Stores in NZ, Priceline Stores in AUS.


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Have you tried any Sukin products? What do you think of organic skin care?

Wednesday, July 24

Chi Chi Lipstick in Hot Stuff | Review, Swatch & Photo

I'm quickly growing a collection of Chi Chi lipsticks- they are just so creamy and pigmented and long-lasting!

My newest one is called Hot Stuff- a cream formula in a soft orange coral shade.

This is seriously my new favourite colour to wear- built up it's a beautiful bright orange coral, or faded out it's a very pretty light coral, very wearable during the day and brightens up my complexion which is always helpful for my poor fair skin :)

Here I am wearing it with nothing but a touch of lipbalm underneath in natural light...

Overall, I'd classify Hot Stuff as a very wearable orange shade with a nice creamy formula and great staying power. I really recommend this one for everyone who wants to venture into the world of orange ;-)

PRICE  Around $23NZD.

AVAILABILITY  Farmers Department stores in NZ.


What's your favourite lipstick shade of the moment? Are you a fan of the orange lip? Let me know :-)

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